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B. 1991


2017-2019 - MA DAI Art Praxis/Dutch Art Institute, ArtEZ University, NL
2009-2013 - BA, Yale University, US

Solo Exhibitions

“Something You've Tasted Before”,  collaboration with Miriam Naeh, Hanina Gallery (Tel Aviv IL)
“Lightly Scented”,  collaboration with Inbal Marie Cohen, curated by Shirel Safra, HaMercazit Gallery (Tel Aviv, IL)
 “Are We There Yet”,  collaboration with Sasha Tamarin, curated by Miriam Naeh & Hilla Vugman, Indie Photo Group Gallery (Tel Aviv, IL)

“Property Laws”, collaboration with Gabriel Christian, Madame of the Arts (Minneapolis MN, US)
“Nobody Loves You Better”, in collaboration with Sasha Tamarin,
Artspace TLV (Tel Aviv, IL)

“Bought & Found”, Maya's Room (New Haven, CT, US)

Untitled, collaboration with Plume Giant, Underbrook Gallery, (New Haven CT, US)

Group Exhibitions

“Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life”, Curated by Ruth Noack, Yellow Brick Studio (Athens GR)
“Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life”, Curated by Ruth Noack, Yellow Brick StudioLítost Gallery (Prague CZ)
“Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life”, Curated by Ruth Noack, Yellow Brick StudioInstitute for Provocation (Bejing CN)

“Barrow”, Curated by Tziky Eisenberg, Hanina Gallery (Tel Aviv IL)

“User Unfriendly”, curated by Noah Melamed & Sarah Fille Indie Photo Group Gallery (Tel Aviv IL)

“Scribble it Down”, Hanina Gallery (Tel Aviv IL)
Loving Art Making Art Festival (Tel Aviv, IL)

“Black Box”, curated by Assaf Cohen, Itzack Mizrachi, Natalit Levin, Moran Gutman,Manofim Festival (Jerusalem IL)
Yale Senior Thesis Show, Green Hall Gallery, (New Haven CT US)    


What, How and for Whom of Institutional Negotiations, Sabina Sabolović (HR, Veem Performance House, Amsterdam NL
Gonzo Curating, Aneta Rostkowska (PL) and Jakub Woynarowski (PL), The Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne DE

Brainstore Innovation Training, Nadja Schentzler (CH), Artspace Tel Aviv IL
Young Artist Program, Noa Melamed and Sara Filler (IL), Rea  Publishing House, Tel Aviv IL

The Politics of Shapes and Forms, Hadas Kedar (IL) and Alex Schady (UK), Artist Cube Studios, Jerusalem IL


2016  “Self-inquiry and feminist DIY with Megan Whitmarsh” for The Intimate Edge

Grants & Awards

2013 Schusterman Israel Travel Grant, Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale University
2012 Sudler Fund Award, Masters' Committee on the Creative and Performing Arts at Yale University


2013 Broads Feminist Magazine Online
2012 The Yale Literary Magazine
2012, 2011, 2010 Dimensions, Yale Art and Art History Journal
2011 Design at Yale Publication

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