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Are We There Yet?
Two person exhibition with Sasha Tamarin
Curators: Miriam Naeh, Hila Vugman
Indie Photogroup Gallery, Tel Aviv IL

In this joint exhibition Are We There Yet, Tamarin and Tur-Kaspa present a mixture of objects and photographs, representing frozen rock-like objects next to sentimental and soft materials.  Tamarin’s photograph at the entrance of the space, showing a figure wearing a hat labeled “VISITORS ARE REAL” is both a play on the artists' multinational identity, and an invitation to enter into an alternate reality. Tur-Kaspa’s sculptures present various liquids and solids in different stages of development, and objects that are unsure of their own functionality. The materials she uses are neither organic nor synthetic, and so are the images of water and snow, faux natural displays, and even emotional sceneries that occupy Tamarin’s photographs.

Both Tamarin and Tur-Kaspa maintain a duality between insider and outsider. Sasha Tamarin photographs urban and suburban landscapes in his homelands Israel and Russia, often taking on the persona of a tourist in order to re-examine the familiar. Tur-Kaspa bridges her two homelands Israel and the United States through the usage of everyday materials, rearranging relationships and emotional associations in order to blur the line between the decorative and the sincere. In the space between the flat image and the tangible object, the artists present the viewer with a blue playland where the rules are never what they seem. 

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